Ticket Terms

  1. Passengers with reservations must arrive 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure.
  2. Due to Homeland Security requirements, voyage check-in closes 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure and all outstanding reservations and tickets for seats and car slots are void at that time. Lake Express is not obligated to check-in any passenger or vehicle, nor honor any reservation or ticket, within 15 minutes of scheduled departure time.
  3. All passengers, vehicles and baggage are subject to search for security purposes. Anyone refusing such a search will be denied access to the terminal and boarding of the vessel.
  4. Adult passengers must present valid photo identification prior to boarding the vessel.
  5. No person under the age of 18 years will be accepted for carriage unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  6. Passengers traveling with children under 5 years of age for whom a ticket fare has not been paid may be required to seat the child on the passenger’s lap during the voyage.
  7. Payment is due in full at the time of purchase and the ticket fare is deemed earned at that time.
  8. Tickets are valid only for the then current sailing season for which the ticket was purchased.
  9. Changes to reserved tickets may be made and are subject to the payment of a change fee of $10.00 per Child or Adult fare (1-way or roundtrip) covered by the reservation and $5.00 per Vehicle, Motorcycle or Trailer fare (1-way or roundtrip) covered by the reservation .
  10. Reserved tickets cancelled more than 72 hours prior to the reserved departure time are refundable minus the following cancellation fees:
    1. $10.00 cancellation fee per Child fare (1-way or roundtrip) covered by the reservation.
    2. $20.00 cancellation fee per Adult fare (1-way or roundtrip) covered by the reservation.
    3. $30.00 cancellation fee per Adult fare with Vehicle, Motorcycle or trailer (1-way or roundtrip) covered by the reservation.

Tickets are nonrefundable within 72 hours prior to the reserved departure time, but may be rescheduled for a specific future sailing minus applicable change fees.

  1. The ticket for a “no show” (a passenger, with or without a vehicle, motorcycle or trailer, who neither changes nor cancels his reservation and fails to make his scheduled departure) expires at the time of the “no show” and is non-refundable.
  2. Lake Express reserves the right to cancel any departure. In the event of a Lake Express cancelled departure, the passenger may rebook on a later departure or receive a refund for the unused tickets.

Terms of Carriage

By accepting or using a ticket or by embarkation on the vessel, the Passenger (which term includes all travelers on the ticket and/or in the party) agrees that the transportation provided for herein shall be subject to and governed by all Terms, Conditions and Regulations (hereinafter the “terms” or “Terms”) printed on the ticket and/or posted in the terminal, onboard the vessel, and the Lake Express website (hereinafter the “Terms of Carriage” or “Ticket Terms”). The Ticket Terms and Terms of Carriage shall apply to ancillary contracts of service made or provided during or in connection with the performance of the contract herein and evidenced by the ticket.

  1. Liability — (a) Lake Express (“the Carrier”) shall not be liable for any loss, including loss of life, injury, delay, inconvenience or expense suffered by any Passenger, nor for any loss of, or damage or delay to Passenger’s baggage, vehicle (which term hereinafter includes an automobile, truck, motorcycle, trailer and its contents including a boat trailer, sidecar, bicycle or other wheeled conveyance of all descriptions), or other property whether such loss, injury, delay, inconvenience, expense or damage arises from the act, default, neglect, or error of judgment of the Master, Officers, Crew, Managers, Superintendent or other servant or agent of the vessel or any other person whatsoever or whether from or after un-seaworthiness or unfitness of the vessel or any launch, tender or other craft or gangway, landing, stage or land conveyance or from or after any variation or omission of any part of the advertised program of the contract voyage or departure or otherwise howsoever and whether such act, default, neglect, error of judgment, un-seaworthiness, unfitness, detention, delay, deviation, over-carriage, omission, variation or other event occurs before or in the course of the present contract voyage or departure or before or in the course of embarkation at the beginning of the contract voyage or departure or in the course of disembarkation at the end of the contract voyage or departure or while the Passenger is proceeding to the shore, which may take place during or in connection with the contract voyage or departure or at any other time whatsoever during, prior to, or subsequent to the contract voyage or departure when the Carrier would, apart from this clause, be under a contractual or other obligation to the Passenger. (b) The Carrier is not liable for consequential and indirect damages nor for damages arising from delays regardless as to how caused. (c) the liability of the Carrier is restricted to the period in which the Passenger, vehicle or luggage is actually on the vessel, or on the Carrier’s auxiliary vessel. All other transportation and associated services (e.g. carriage on the vessel or tender not owned or operated by the Carrier; other transportation media; shore excursions; hotel accommodation) are at the risk of the Passenger and are respectively subject to the terms and conditions of those persons and organizations supplying such services. The acceptance of money relative to such services does not constitute acceptance by the Carrier of liability.
  2. Passenger injury — a) the Carrier shall not be liable for damage suffered as a result of the death of, or personal injury to, a Passenger unless the incident which caused the damage so suffered occurs in the course of the carriage and was due to the fault or the neglect of the Carrier or of his servants or agent acting within the scope of their employment.
  3. Burden of Proof — (a) the burden of proving that the incident which caused the damage or loss occurred in the course of the carriage and the extent of the damage or loss lies with the Passenger. (b) the burden of proving the fault or neglect of the Carrier or its servants or agents lies with the Passenger, unless the damage or loss arises from or in connection with shipwreck, collision, stranding, explosion or fire.
  4. Notice of damage — (a) the Passenger is required to report any personal injury and/or all other losses and/or damages to baggage or vehicles forthwith – prior to disembarkation – in writing and with full details, to the Master or his/her representative. Where notification is received late, it will be presumed that at the time of disembarkation, the Passenger was uninjured, no losses were incurred and luggage and vehicles were undamaged.
  5. Passengers fitness to sail — (a) if any Passenger, for any reason whatsoever, including (but not limited to) sickness, injury or physical or mental infirmity, appears to the Carrier or to the Master or his/her agent to be, in their sole discretion: Unfit to proceed, likely to endanger health, discipline or safety onboard or likely to incur injury to him/herself or; likely to render the Carrier liable for his/her maintenance or support; then in such case the Carrier may at its option either: i) refuse to embark such Passenger or ii) disembark him/her at any port. In the case the Passenger is refused embarkation or is disembarked, his/her ticket purchase shall be refunded and the Carrier shall not be liable for any loss or expense occasioned to the Passenger thereby.
  6. Food and Alcoholic Beverages: passengers are not permitted to bring any beer, wine, alcoholic liquors or other beverages, nor can coolers containing said items or food into the passenger cabin or on to the passenger decks. Alcohol or other beverages brought by the Passenger must be left ashore or can be secured in the Passenger’s vehicle on the vehicle deck, if stored in appropriate containers.
  7. Fares — the Carrier reserves the right to levy a surcharge on or make an allowance from the price agreed to be paid or already paid by the Passenger to reflect any change in the cost of fuel since the date of ticket purchase.
  8. Voyage modification and substitute transportation — the Carrier has the liberty, without previous notice: (a) at the port of embarkation or any other port, whether an intended port of call or a port of refuge, to cancel the contract herein contained; (b) to delay or cancel any departure; (c) at the port of embarkation or at any other stage whatsoever of the voyage and at the sole risk of the Passenger, to forward the Passenger and or his/her baggage to the port of destination by any other vessel, craft or conveyance whatsoever and whether by land, water, or air and whether belonging to the Carrier or not and by any route direct or indirect.
  9. Deviations — the vessel has liberty to tow and assist other vessels and persons in all situations, deviating from the voyage to proceed by any route whatsoever, to call, stay at, and return to any ports whatsoever (including the port of embarkation) whether in, out, or beyond the customary or advertised route to the port of destination, for any purpose whatsoever, to sail with or without a Pilot, to adjust compasses, and to carry cargo of all descriptions, all as part of the contract voyage.
  10. General average — the Passenger is not liable in respect of his baggage, vehicle or personal effects to pay, nor is the Passenger entitled to receive, any General Average contribution.
  11. Compliance with Government and/or Master’s orders and rules – the vessel will have the liberty to comply with any orders or directions as to departure, arrival routes ports of call ,stoppages, transshipment, discharge, or destinations or otherwise, howsoever given by any Government or any Department thereof or of any person acting or purporting to act with the authority of any Government or any Department thereof or by any War Risk Insurance Association or Underwriters with whom the vessel may be insured and anything done or not done under such orders shall be part of the contract voyage.
    Passengers are obliged to follow all orders of the Master and crew and regulations and rules of safety or discipline and to behave properly. The Master is fully authorized to take whatever steps in his/her discretion to arrest and/or to put under custody a miscreant Passenger or Passenger creating a hazard to the navigation of the vessel.
  12. Time Tables & Schedules — every effort will be made to adhere punctually to the advertised dates and times of departure from and arrival at terminals and intermediate ports, but these and any dates and times specified in Time Tables or Schedules which may be issued by the Carrier or the appointed Agents are only approximate, and may be altered with or without notice by the Carrier at any time and to such extent as is considered necessary in the interest of the voyage as a whole.
  13. Luggage — all checked baggage should be packed in substantial luggage, fastened securely with case locks and strapped or roped to give added protection against damage and clearly labeled with the Passenger’s name and address.
  14. Racks on Vehicles — Lake Express reserves the right to require passengers remove bicycles or other racks mounted on a vehicle.
  15. Competent jurisdiction court — Any action, suit or proceeding against the Carrier or the vessel shall, unless the Carrier otherwise expressly agrees in writing, be brought in the State of Wisconsin to the exclusion of all other jurisdiction.
  16. Applicable law — any Ticket and this contract or contracts arising from its acceptance and any dispute between Passenger and Carrier arising out of the purchase of this Ticket, the execution of the contract provided therein, or anything done by the Carrier pursuant to the provisions thereof or in connection with the adjustment or resolution of any disputes arising hereunder, shall be governed by the Law of the State of Wisconsin to the exclusion of any other law unless the Carrier expressly agrees otherwise in writing. Passengers and their vehicles and baggage may be subject to search in compliance with U.S. Federal and U.S. Coast Guard laws and regulations. The Carrier reserves the right to deny carriage to Passengers who refuse to submit to such searches.
  17. Invalidity of individual clauses — each of the provisions contained in these Conditions shall be severable and if any of such Provisions should be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless have full force and effect.
  18. Limitation of Statutory Claims — the exemptions and limitations of liability contained in these conditions apply to all claims for damages of the Passenger irrespective as to whether same are based on the Passenger contract or other legal principles.
  19. Caution to Passengers. Goods of a Dangerous Nature – the Carrier will not receive on board of its vessels any goods of a dangerous nature. If any such goods are shipped without notice, the Passenger will not only be liable to the penalties imposed by Statute but also for all damage sustained in consequence of such shipment.