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Great Travel Experiences on a Great Lake

Take in the wonders of a great inland sea while enjoying the time-saving Lake Michigan ferry shortcut! From the middle of the lake you can see from horizon to horizon as you whisk along at 40 mph.  The 2 1/2 hour typical trip, eliminates congested tollway systems and hundreds of miles of traffic, leaving you with the freedom, relaxation and convenience that comes when you leave driving behind.  So, enjoy the time off, the relaxing lake air and arrive rested and ready to continue your next adventure.


Experience Time Well Spent

What is your time worth? Why spend time driving around the lake in Chicago's traffic when you can be productive and enjoy a faster trip with us? Work while you travel with our wifi, enjoy a beverage and a meal, or just sit back and relax.


Experience Travel Freedom

Unlike the historic Lake Michigan car ferry fleet that was designed to carry freight, the Lake Express was designed for you. Leave the heavy trucks to the highways while you enjoy an experience designed to meet the needs of today’s modern traveler. Enjoy the freedom to move around or relax as you see fit.


Experience The Fast Ferry

The unique drive-through design of the Lake Express vehicle deck provides an easy and fast shortcut from driving. Simply drive on to start your trip and drive off within minutes of completing your Lake Michigan crossing. No other service offers the same convenience and speed.


Experience Relaxing Comfort

Enjoy comfortable first class seating in a variety of configurations – all with room to roam and outdoor areas to explore as you are whisked across Lake Michigan. Enjoy a movie or a meal from our onboard café, or get caught up on work in our premier class cabin.


Experience Lake Michigan

Enjoy spectacular lake views as you watch the Milwaukee skyline on one leg of your trip and relax with a backdrop of sand dunes, beaches and historic naval vessels in Michigan. In between, the Lake Express provides spectacular lake vistas as it crosses the world’s 5th largest lake and the largest lake contained in a single country.

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